How does the ShockStop Seatpost Compare to Other Suspension Seatposts?

During the development of the ShockStop Seatpost, we logged hundreds of miles on basically every type of suspension seatpost on the market. We figured out what we liked and what we didn't. Then we rolled our experience into the design of the ShockStop Seatpost.

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Gravel Riding 101: From Gravel Bike Basics to Dirty Kanza

Gravel riding, aka gravel grinding or adventure riding, is an increasingly popular form of cycling that combines elements of road- and mountain-biking, and consisting mostly of distance riding over unpaved roads. Whether dirt roads or gravel roads, trails must consist of non-technical and unsurfaced roads to qualify as gravel riding. Since cities mostly have paved roads for commuters, gravel riding trails are usually located in rural areas. This tends to afford opportunity to discover some incredibly scenic sites that one can only witness during an adventure off the beaten path.

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