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Cyber Week Sale up to 20% OFF

Scratch and Dent - ShockStop PRO Suspension Stem

Regular price
$249.99 USD
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$189.00 USD

Scratch and Dent - ShockStop PRO Suspension Stem

Regular price
$249.99 USD
Sale price
$189.00 USD

Titanium hardware and weight-reducing CNC machining takes the ShockStop PRO Suspension Stem to the next level of performance. Enjoy the same shock-reducing benefits of the standard ShockStop Stem with 15% less weight and a premium finish. Whether you're on a local group ride, or exploring gravel back roads, the ShockStop Stem will make your ride smoother, faster, and more comfortable.

These ShockStop PRO stems are “scratch and dent” items with minor surface level marks and inconsistencies - please see the description below for details.


These are NEW and unused Stems but are classified as "Scratch and Dent" units:

Our "scratch and dent" ShockStop PRO stems are all new and unused but have minor surface-level marks or inconsistencies in the finish that didn't quite meet our standards during the final visual inspection. Functionally, they are identical to their full-priced counterparts and come with the same 360° Ride Guarantee including our 90-day no questions asked return policy as well as our lifetime warranty.

NOTE: These units are not available locally in the UK, EU, AUS, and CA - please email us if you are interested in purchasing from one of those locations. 

Additionally, you cannot apply other discount codes to Scratch and Dent units. 

Benefits & Details:

• See the ShockStop PRO Stem page for all benefits and product details

What's in the Box:

1 x ShockStop PRO Stem
5 x swappable elastomers (2 pre-installed, 3 additional in box)
All required hardware

Weight220 g +/- 6 deg, 80mm
229 g  +/-6 deg, 90mm
234 g  +/-6 deg, 100mm
240 g  +/-6 deg, 110mm
248 g  +/-6 deg, 120mm
Steerer Clamp Diameter (A)1-1/8 inch (28.6 mm)
Handlebar Clamp Diameter (B)31.8 mm
Effective TravelUp to 20mm
Material6061 T6 aluminum
Rider Weight Limit135 kg (300 lb)
Steerer Tube Clamp Stack Height40mm

How do I choose the right length and angle for my bike?

We put together a set of instructions that can help you determine the length and angle of your existing stem and provide guidance on what to chose based on riding style - check it out here.

How is the ShockStop Stem different from other suspension stems?

There are a lot of ways the ShockStop is different - so many in fact, we wrote a whole blog post about it. Check it out here.

Can I put the ShockStop Stem on my mountain bike?

Yes and No. The suspension travel on the ShockStop (1-2cm) is optimized for the types of bumps you typically encounter on roads and light trails. So, the ShockStop Stem is not going to provide the same suspension feel as a typical mountain bike front fork suspension, which will have closer to 10-15cm of travel. However, if you use your bike primarily on the lighter trails (i.e. not aggressive downhill) and you’re looking to take the edge off of an otherwise stiff frame (e.g. a bike with a rigid front fork), then the ShockStop could be exactly what you’re looking for. The ShockStop Stem is not designed to be used on a mountain bike riding on technical downhill singletrack and if used in these conditions could become damaged and lead to serious injury.

To read more Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


Download Instructions (PDF):
Instructions - ShockStop Suspension Stem - 90-120mm lengths
Instructions - ShockStop Suspension Stem - 80mm length

Installing the ShockStop Stem (see below for 80mm elastomer install details):


Elastomer Install and Removal for 80mm ShockStop Stem:


Elastomer Selection Chart:

(See instructions and video for elastomer installation details)


The above chart provides a good starting point when first setting up the stem. The chart below shows the full list of elastomer combinations, in order of increasing stiffness:


There are two different optional mounts available: the Computer Mount, and the Utility Mount: 

The Computer Mount is an integrated mount that is compatible with your Garmin, Powertap/CycleOps Joule, CatEye, Mio/Magellan, or Wahoo bicycle computer (for options not in drop down, please email us at

The Utility Mount puts a small section of tube in front of the stem that provides a location to mount anything you would normally put on your handlebar (bike computer, phone, light, etc.). 


The ShockStop handlebar clamp is 31.8 mm which is compatible with many modern bikes, without the need for shims. However, some bicycles have different size handlebars which may require the use of shims to fit properly into the ShockStop handlebar clamp. We have shims available for 26.0 mm and 25.4 mm handlebar sizes. 

- 25.4 mm is common on bikes with flat handlebars.
- 26.0 mm is common on older road bikes with drop handlebars. - There are other less common sizes that we do not provide shims for. However, other handlebar shim sizes may be available at your local bike shop. 

- Note that some mountain bikes have “over-sized” 35 mm handlebars which are not compatible with the 31.8mm clamp and would need to be replaced with a 31.8 mm handlebar in order to be compatible with the ShockStop Stem.

The easiest way to determine your handlebar size is to see if it's printed on the handlebar. This will require removing your current stem faceplate. 


If you can't find the printed size, there are a couple ways you can measure your handlebar: 

Best method: Use a pair of calipers to directly measure the diameter or take your bike to the local bike shop and they will be able to measure it for you. 


Alternate method: Use a fabric or paper measuring tape (or print one at ) and measure the circumference of the handlebar right next to your existing stem. 

- A 31.8 mm handlebar will be 99.9 mm in circumference at the center.
- A 26.0 mm handlebar will be 81.7 mm in circumference at the center.
- A 25.4 mm handlebar will be 79.8 mm in circumference at the center.

Keep in mind that 25.4 and 26.0 mm are very close in size. 


If you are not able to measure your handlebar, and you know the make, model, and year of your bike, you may be able to find the handlebar size online at your frame manufacturer's website.

Stem Angle 

The ShockStop PRO is available in +/-6 degree angle. If you are looking for the +30 deg stem please visit the classic ShockStop page.
Stem Length
If you chose the +/-6 deg ShockStop, then you will need to choose one of 5 different length options: 

- 80mm = 3.2 inches 
- 90 mm = 3.5 inches
- 100 mm = 3.9 inches
- 110 mm = 4.3 inches
- 120 mm = 4.7 inches 

Here's some guidance on the length selection: 

1) If you are replacing an existing stem and want to match it, then start by seeing if the length is printed on the stem. Choose the length of ShockStop that most closely matches your existing stem's length. If the length is not printed on the stem then go to #2. 

2) You can measure the length of your existing stem as shown in the following picture. The length is measured from the center of the handlebar to the center of the steerer tube. 


3) Once you determine the length of your existing stem round to the nearest 10 mm and choose the closest match. 

4) If you are unable to measure the length of your existing stem then choose 90 mm. This is one of the most common lengths and tends to be a good fit for most people.

image of a bike suspension seatpost
Shockstop Suspension Seatpost
$183.99 USD