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12 Days of Triathlon Gear: Day 4 - Clip On Aero Bars, 4 Things You Didn't Know About Redshift Aero Bars

The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family, look back on the year's accomplishments, and give thanks for everything we have. But they're also an excellent excuse to stock up on triathlon gear for next season! In this 12-part series we'll highlight and recommend some of the best triathlon gear that will get you to the finish line faster in your next race.

Ok, we'll admit it:  We're biased.  When it comes to clip on aero bars, we think the Redshift Aerobars, with their quick-release functionality and super adjustability, are the best bars on the market.  Rather than pretend to give you unbiased recommendations for different aero bars, here's 4 things you may not have known about the Redshift aero bars:

1) Upgraded Armpads: There have been some subtle upgrades over the last year.  We're always looking for opportunities to improve our product, and a few things have made it into the later production units.


The armrest pads are now compression molded instead being die cut from a laminated sheet.  This improved the bond between the different materials in the pad, and allowed us to shape the pad in 3 dimensions instead of 2, giving you a more polished, more comfortable pair of forearm pillows on your ride. 


2) Inspiration: There was a lot of prototyping and testing that occurred before we landed on the final design of the quick-release aerobars. We considered everything from quick-clamps used in woodworking to quarter-turn latches on box lids. 

The biggest inspiration?  Rail mounts like those used with optics, which allow for accessories to be attached securely and in a repeatable position.  While the design constraints of aerobars required significant changes to improve strength and add safety features, you can still see the resemblance.


3) Accessories: Have a 2nd bike? You can easily ride in aero on both bikes by switching your aerobars back and forth. You can find the handlebar clamps sold by themselves under accessories.

4) Improved Hardware: We've upgraded the hardware (bolts) with a hardier and more corrosion resistant finish, so no need to worry about sweating all over your bars.

Check back soon for the next addition of our 12 Days of Triathlon Gear - up next: aero wheels.