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Kitchen Sink Gravel Handlebar System

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$139.99 USD
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$139.99 USD

Kitchen Sink Gravel Handlebar System

Regular price
$139.99 USD
Sale price
$139.99 USD

We threw in a bit of everything for our take on the Ultimate Gravel Handlebar setup. Rise, sweep, and flare make for an ultra-comfortable handlebar that keeps you in control no matter the terrain. Choose a handlebar on its own or add the new Kitchen Sink Handlebar Bag (loop style only), Cruise Control Top and Drop Grips, and our Really Long Bar Tape to get next-level convenience, comfort, and performance.


Add Bag and/or Mount
Add Cruise Control Grips?
Add Really Long Bar Tape?


The gravel bike handlebar that has everything but the kitchen sink. 

If you are looking for comfort, control, and convenience the Kitchen Sink Gravel Bike Handlebar is for you. With widths from 44 cm up to 53 cm, these wide and flared gravel handlebars can aid stability and control but at the same time provide really comfortable hand positions. 

KEY Gravel Handlebar Features:

20mm of RISE means less pressure on the hands and a broad range of fit options to accommodate a variety of gravel riding conditions. 
7° degrees of SWEEP means the bar is positioned where your hands want to be, whether you're on the flats, the hoods or the drops during your most epic gravel ride. 
25° degrees of FLARE and a Compact Drop means a stable, aerodynamic drop position that is actually comfortable enough to use on your longest gravel ride or your next bikepacking trip. 

Why are Your Gravel Handlebars Flared? 

Gravel handlebars are designed to seek a balance between the traditional wide flatbars which offer stability and control over rough terrain and the comfort and speed of road bike drop bar position without sacrificing control. Gravel Handlebars are flared in the drops to give the rider a stable and more controllable riding position that is essential for gravel biking terrain. 

Gravel Bar Styles

Choose between two gravel bar styles: LOOP and a more traditional NON-LOOP. The Loop version provides an alternative riding position, a great place to attach gear, and the perfect spot for our new storage solution: the Kitchen Sink Gravel Handlebar Bag. The bag was designed specifically to fit in the loop and allow easy (single hand) access to all your essentials. In addition, we created a Computer Mount that attaches to the top of the bag to give you a secure and ideally located spot for your Garmin or Wahoo bike computer.

To get even more comfort and performance out of your Kitchen Sink Gravel Bar, add the ergonomic Cruise Control Grip System. The Top Grips provide an incredibly comfortable position at the tops by expanding the bar and giving you a wide area to rest your hands. And the Drop Grips give you an extra comfortable position while in the drops through an ergonomic style grip that helps spread load over your hands so you can stay in your tuck all day. 

Top it all off with some of our Really Long Bar Tape which is specifically designed to be long enough to wrap even the widest gravel handlebar. Oh and its super comfortable with juts the right amount of grip. 



Width44 cm47 cm50 cm53 cm
Weight (base version)362 g373 g383 g392 g 
Weight (loop version)472 g486 g497 g507 g
Rise20 mm20 mm20 mm20 mm
Sweep7 deg7 deg7 deg7 deg
Drop Flare25 deg25 deg25 deg25 deg
Drop110 mm110 mm110 mm110 mm
Reach70 mm68 mm65 mm62 mm
Clamp31.8 mm31.8 mm31.8 mm31.8 mm
Material6061 T6 Aluminum
ProductTop GripsDrop Grips
Weight94 g / pair144 g / pair
Length165 mm (can be 
trimmed by 30 mm)
120 mm
ProductKitchen Sink  Bagadd-on Computer Mount
Capacity0.75 L - 1.0 LN/A

3D printed Polycarbonate blend 

filled with carbon fiber


What Are the Detailed Dimensions (Including the Loop) of the Kitchen Sink Handlebar? 

The inner distance of the loop along the handlebar (A) is approximately 5.50in (140mm).

The outer distance of the loop along the handlebar is (B) is approximately 7.875in (200mm). 

The width of the 31.8mm diameter section of handlebar (where the stem is clamped) is approximately 85mm - outside that distance the diameter decreases and the bar bends.

The loop has a diameter of 23.8mm which is the same diameter as the rest of the handlebar(outside the 31.8mm clamp area and tapered section)




To read Frequently Asked Questions about the Kitchen Sink Handlebar and Accessories, click here.


Download Instructions (PDF):
Instructions - Kitchen Sink Handlebar

You can view instructions for the Grips on the Cruise Control Grips page here.

You can view instructions for the Bag and Mount here.

Learn more about our Kitchen Sink Handlebar Bag
Learn more about the Cruise Control Grip System
Learn more about our Really Long Bar Tape

You can choose between a non-loop and a loop version of the Kitchen Sink Handlebar. With either style you get the same rise, back sweep, and compact drop. The loop allows for alternative hand positions, mount points, and a spot to use the new Kitchen Sink Handlebar Bar and Computer Mount.

We think wider is better. Particularly when riding off-road, the additional leverage and stability afforded by the wider handlebars dramatically improve handling and control, especially while descending and climbing.

If you're used to riding with a typical road bike drop bar width (38-46cm), we highly suggest trying a wider bar - the difference in effective arm angle is negligible, but the effect on control and comfort is dramatic. If you're concerned about going wider than the common advice to "aim for shoulder width", look at mountain bike handlebars as an example - 76-80cm wide handlebars are common, even though almost nobody has shoulders that wide. Very few people want to go narrower once they've tried a wider bar.

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Doug C.
Canada Canada

Great shape, great features

I really like these bars, the shape, and the front extension loop make them a great choice for gravel riding or bikepacking. I'm not sure if they are the faxtest racing bars on the planet, but I am no slower on them than on the same bike with ultra-light carbon bars. I'd like them to come in a flexible carbon version, but that's just nitt picking, I could get more comfort and flex from a shock-stop stem

United States United States

Top grips made my 2022 season comfortable

Installed the top grips at the beginning of the 2022 season. Right from the start they changed my ride experience. They were the most comfortable addition to my bike in years. They installed as per the instructions without a problem, are secure and once on the bike you wonder they haven't been around for years. I did have a problem about a month into the season with the bar tape. It was delaminating ... top layer of leather coming off the bar tape. I emailed Red Shifts and received replacement tape shortly after my complaint. I changed tape and the problem has not surfaced again. Great customer service! I would recommend the top grips to any rider. I would like the bottom grips but I ride with bar end shifters and the bottoms grips will not fit ... I would like it if they designed one for bar ends.

Scott B.

I love these bars!

What a great set of bars! The loop so far feels more decorative than functional, but it does look great. Obviously you can choose the right width for you and I seem to have nailed it! The width feels perfect. I rarely ever ride in the drops in other bars, but because of a shallow drop and a nice flair I find I spend more time in the drops in these bars than any other. Overall really pleased with these bars.


Love these, bought a few sets for different bikes!

Easy to install when it's time to redo your bar tape. Takes some getting used to in terms of wrapping, so practice a few times before removing your adhesive strip backing.I added this to my Trek Emonda's bars after putting them onto my touring bike. Really gives your hands a nice place to rest on longer rides, and helps with fatigue!


A must for any long distance bike rider

Simply put these are Great I wish they a had a carbon version for my road racing bike, but none the less I have them and while I might not be as aero as I once was with narrower bars these make you Enjoy the ride 10 fold an absolute must for anybody who rides longer distances or just want more comfortable bars!! Please com out with a carbon version for reasonable price

S G.

REDSHIFT Cruise Control Drop Bar Grips

These improve handlebar comfort by increasing the surface area for your hands, and it works. Follow the instructions and take time to position them correctly, then re-wrap the bars.