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How to Choose the Best Aerobars

Redshift Aerobar & Switch Aero System


How to Choose the Best Aerobars For Your Racing/Biking Needs

In the realm of cycling, especially among triathletes and time trialists, aerobars have revolutionized the way we approach speed and efficiency. These extensions are vital tools in the pursuit of cutting down air resistance and improving ride ergonomics. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of selecting the best aerobars for the type of riding and racing you intend to do. 

1. The Science of Aerodynamics

The physics behind cycling is fascinating. When a cyclist rides, around 70-80% of their energy combats air resistance or drag. Aerobars promote a more streamlined position, reducing the cyclist's frontal area and thus the drag they experience. Over time and distance, this aerodynamic advantage translates to significant energy savings and faster speeds. 

2. Determine Your Purpose

Every cycling discipline has unique requirements:

Time Trials: As solitary races against the clock, the primary focus is on aerodynamics. Riders seek the most aggressive aero position possible to potentially shave off seconds but even milliseconds count.
Triathlons: With varying distances and terrains, triathlons demand a blend of speed and sustainability. The aerobar's comfort and adjustability become as vital as its aerodynamic profile.
Bikepacking: Whether you’re on an ultra race or a fun adventure with a rough timeline instead of a deadline, using aerobars can be a fun way to pick up some speed and add variety to your body positions when riding.

3. Fit and Adjustability

Your aerobars should feel like an extension of your body:

Width Adjustability: Match the aerobar width to your shoulder width. This offers optimal posture, reducing fatigue and ensuring significant aerodynamic benefit.
Length Adjustability: Different torso and arm lengths mean riders need varying reach to the aerobars. Adjustable length ensures that riders can maintain a comfortable and efficient position.

4. Comfort is King

Extended periods in an aero position can be physically demanding:

Padded Armrests: High-quality padding reduces pressure points, allowing riders to remain in an aero position longer without discomfort.
Ergonomic Design: An aerobar that aligns with the rider's natural wrist position can prevent numbness and promote better control.

5. Bike Compatibility

An often overlooked aspect is the aerobar's compatibility with the bike:

Aerobars come in various materials, each with its pros and cons:

Clamp Diameter: Ensure the aerobars match your handlebar diameter to avoid unwanted surprises during installation.
Integrated vs. Clip-On: Some riders prefer the sleek design of integrated bars, while others value the versatility of clip-ons. Your choice should reflect your bike setup and riding preferences.

6. Aerobar Materials Matter

Aerobars come in various materials, each with its pros and cons:

Aluminum: While slightly heavier, aluminum aerobars are generally more budget-friendly and are revered for their durability.
Carbon: Celebrated for its lightweight and stiffness, carbon aerobars are favored by many professionals. However, they often come with a heftier price tag.

An In-depth Look: Redshift Aerobars


With a solid understanding of aerobar basics, let's focus on the distinctive offerings of Redshift Quick Release Clip On Aerobars:

Quick-Release Feature: The brilliance of this feature lies in its convenience. Whether prepping for group rides, individual time trials, or looking for some extra space on your handlebars to add bags, riders can swiftly transition between setups without tools
Precision Adjustability: Redshift’s design ethos prioritizes user customization. Choose from L Bend or S Bend shaped aerobars, and use the riser kit to find your unique sweet spot of comfort and efficiency.
Supreme Comfort: Beyond the adjustability, Redshift is commited to rider comfort with plush arm padding and ergonomic design. This ensures that riders can focus on their performance without being hampered by discomfort.
Sturdy and Lightweight: Craftsmanship matters. Redshift's aerobars, meticulously designed, strike the perfect balance between weight and durability.


The Final Word

Aerobars can redefine your cycling experience. While the quest for the perfect aerobar requires some research and introspection, it's an investment in enhanced performance and riding pleasure.