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As the weather warms up here in the northern hemisphere, people have started logging more miles on their Redshift quick-release aero bars and dual-position seat posts! We love hearing about your experiences, so keep the feedback coming to!

As some of you may be aware, the Giro d' Italia, one of the three grand tours of cycling, is currently underway. What you may not know is that it started back on May 10th in Belfast, Northern Ireland (I know - random, right?). In honor of the tour starting in Ireland, this week's post comes courtesy of Neil C, who sent us this report a couple of weeks ago from County Down, Northern Ireland.

Neil's experience highlights the aerodynamic benefits of converting a road bike to a tri bike (or TT-bike) geometry. You can maintain or increase speed without increasing power output. A road bike with aero bars is only part of the equation. The forward seatpost position of the dual-position seatpost lets you fully realize the benefits of aero bars on a road bike.


A little feedback.

I did a 10 mile TT last night with the local cycling club. I have only done one before and I was a full minute faster than before. Some of the improvement will be conditioning but the bulk is probably from positioning. Conditions were not ideal and most riders were slower than usual. A couple of photos are attached showing your system in action. I have one set of spacers in – seeing the photos I think I will remove them.

You might see I am wearing Giro d’Italia kit – we are getting very excited here because the Giro starts in Belfast on May 10th. Biggest sporting event we have ever had in Northern Ireland.

Also, last weekend I did 2 x 31 Km laps of our local half ironman course (we call it the Ireman). The first lap in a road bike position. Second lap on the new set up (but not always on the aero bars because of hills, traffic, junctions etc). I did not take a break between laps and would normally slow by 2-3 % at a set heart rate. The second lap was nearly 2 minutes faster than the first lap, at the same heart rate and a slightly lower power output. (0.9 Km / Hr faster on the second lap).

Not too shabby, as we say here ..