Extra Handlebar Clamps for Quick-Release Aerobars

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Extra Handlebar Clamps for Quick-Release Aerobars

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The Extra Handlebar Clamps let you switch your Quick-Release Aerobars between bikes fast without any tools.


This extra set of clamps let you switch the Quick-Release Aerobars between multiple bikes in seconds.


• Attach or remove the aerobars in seconds, without using any tools
Patented clamping mechanism ensures repeatable, tool-free attachment of the Quick-Release Aerobars
Secondary safety slot prevents accidental release

Note: the Quick-Release Aerobars include 1 set of handlebar clamps

Weight84 g/pr (includes hardware)
Clamp Width22 mm
Handlebar Diameter31.8 mm
26.0 mm compatible (shims sold separately)

Can I attach the clamps to a non-round or "aero" handlebar?

The handlebar clamps for the Quick-Release Aerobars need at least 22mm (7/8 inch) of straight, cylindrical handlebar on either side of the stem to clamp properly. Some aero-shaped handlebars have a sufficiently wide cylindrical section in the center of the handlebar to properly mount clip-on aerobars. However, some handlebars are ovalize or tapered within the clamping region. In this case, our Quick-Release Aerobars (or any clip-on aerobars) will not be compatible since they will not clamp securely on the non-round handlebar.

To read Frequently Asked Questions about the Quick-Release Aerobars, click here.


Download Instructions (PDF):
Instructions - Quick-Release Aerobars

Installing Handlebar Clamps:

Attaching & Removing QR Aerobars: