Free Shipping / Returns for US, UK, EU, & CAN - 10% OFF Your 1st Order!

Free Shipping / Returns for US, UK, EU, & CAN - 10% OFF Your 1st Order!

Scratch and Dent Quick-Release Aerobars

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Scratch and Dent Quick-Release Aerobars

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The patented Quick-Release Aerobars are different than any other aerobars on the market. The quick-release mechanism allows you to attach or remove the aerobars in a few seconds without any tools, so you can choose the best setup for every ride.


What is a Redshift "Scratch and Dent" product:

That means that for whatever reason, this particular product didn’t live up to our high standard of quality, but is still perfectly safe to ride - and therefore available to you for a discount!

There may be a cosmetic issue, damage to the outer packaging, or the product was installed on a bike to test fit or take some photos. Often times these products are completely new!

Scratch and Dent products are not available in the UK, EU, AUS, and CAN. Additionally, you can not apply discounts to Scratch and Dent products.

NOTE: Physical performance & durability are not compromised in any way. So all Scratch and Dent products are still covered by our lifetime warranty, however ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and our 90 Day Risk Free Trial does not apply.

Product Description: 

Benefits of Quick Release Aero Bars:

• Transform your current bike - switch from road to aero position on the bike you already own
• No tools required - remove or attach the clip on aero bars easily with the quick-release mechanism
• Ride with ease - no more time and energy wasted switching from road bike to aero bike

Quick Release Aero bar Features 

• Extensions are available in L-Bend or S-Bend 
• Massive adjustability lets you fine-tune your fit - extension length, armpad fore-aft, armpad width and height (Extension Riser Kit sold separately)
• Secondary safety release mechanism prevents accidental release

What's in the Box:

• Handlebar Clamps
• Quick-Release Mechanisms
• Aerobar Extensions, Armrest, and Armrest Pads
• All required hardware
Weight630 g/pr Aluminum S-bend
640 g/pr Aluminum L-bend
Pad Height (A)Minimum - 70 mm
Maximum - 100 mm (with two stack spacers - sold separately as Extension Riser Kit)
Pad Setback (B)Minimum - 30 mm
Maximum - 81 mm
Pad Width (C)Minimum - 108 mm
Maximum - 165 mm
Extension Length (D)362 mm S-bend
368 mm L-bend
Extension Rise (E)50 mm S-bend
100 mm L-bend
Extension Diameter (F)22.2 mm (compatible with industry-standard extensions)
Handlebar Clamp Width (G)22 mm
Handlebar Diameter31.8 mm compatible
26.0 mm compatible (with shims - sold separately as Shim Kit)
Material6061-T6 aluminum
Intended UseASTM F2043 Class 1 - Suitable for road riding (only).




Should I choose L-Bend or S-Bend extensions?

If you don't have any previous experience using aerobars, we typically recommend the L-Bend aerobars because they put your wrists and arms in a more comfortable, ergonomic position. This is usually a better fit for triathletes and long-distance riders. If you're planning on using the aerobars for shorter, higher-intensity efforts like a time-trial, then the S-Bend shape can give you slightly more leverage to put out maximal power.

How do aerobars affect my bike fit?

This is a really important question, and it's one that we've spent a lot of time thinking about here at Redshift Sports, so get ready for a long answer!
Aerobars (of any brand) work by rotating your upper body forward so that it is more parallel to the ground, and therefore less exposed to air resistance (imagine sticking your hand out a moving car window with your palm facing forward vs. with your fingers facing forward). If you don't change your saddle position when moving from road to aero positions, the angle between your thigh and your torso (otherwise known as the "hip angle") becomes tighter at the top of your pedal stroke, since your knees are effectively coming closer to your chest as you lower your upper body. For most riders, the tighter hip angle is uncomfortable and can actually reduce power output because you end up fighting against your body's own range of motion to move your leg over the top of the pedal stroke. It can cause back pain and generally leads to a riding position that is unsustainable, particularly for longer distance events.
The other unintended consequence that occurs if the saddle position is not adjusted is that the aerobar armpads tend to be too far away to reach comfortably. You end up riding in a "superman" position with your arms extended too far forward, which puts a lot of stress on the supporting muscles of the arms, shoulders, and core.
We specifically designed the Quick-Release Aerobars along with the Dual-Position Seatpost specifically to address this issue. The Dual-Position Seatpost addresses the fit implications of riding with aerobars on a road bike by allowing the saddle to move forward with the rider when shifting from road to aero riding positions. This forward movement effectively rotates the rider's body around the bottom bracket (where the pedals attach), naturally lowering the upper body down onto the aerobars without compressing the rider's hip angle. The forward movement also positions your body comfortably and efficiently over the aerobar armrest pads, letting you support your upper body through your skeleton, rather than relying on muscles.
Together, the Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost provide an optimized aero riding position that allows you to ride efficiently, comfortably, and powerfully on your road bike in both road and aero positions.

Will the aerobars fit non-round (aero-shaped) handlebars?

The handlebar clamps for the Quick-Release Aerobars need at least 22mm (7/8 inch) of straight, cylindrical handlebar on either side of the stem to clamp properly. Some aero-shaped handlebars have a sufficiently wide cylindrical section in the center of the handlebar to properly mount clip-on aerobars, however, some handlebars are ovalized or tapered within the clamping region. In this case, Redshift aerobars (or any clip-on aerobars) will not be compatible since they will not clamp securely on the non-round handlebar.The best way for you to check is to measure yourself, take it to a bike shop to get measured, or look up your handlebars specs online.

To read more Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


Download Instructions (PDF):
Instructions - Quick-Release Aerobars

Installing Handlebar Clamps:

Attaching & Removing QR Aerobars:

Adjusting Armpad Position:


We offer two different shapes of aerobar extensions: L-Bends and S-Bends. The L-Bends (or ski-bends) tend to place your wrists in a more ergonomic, comfortable position that's great for long rides and triathlons. The S-Bends let you pull against the extensions effectively for intense time-trial efforts. Not sure which one is best for you? We generally recommend the L-Bend extensions if you're on the fence. 

L-Bend Extensions

S-Bend Extensions


This kit is designed to work with your Quick-Release Aerobars to adapt the 31.8mm clamps to fit your 26.0mm handlebar simply by placing the shims inside the handlebar clamps. Once installed, the shims are essentially invisible.
The Extension Riser Kit lets you add up to 30mm of stack height to your aerobar extensions and armpads allowing you to dial in your fit and optimize your riding position.
Extension Riser Kit for Quick-Release Aerobars
Extension Riser for Aerobars
Utility Mount for Quick-Release Aerobars
Aerobar Utility Mount
Water Bottle Mount & Cage for Quick-Release Aerobars
Between the Arms Water Bottle Mount and Cage