Bike Check: 4 Essential Maintenance Routines

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 6:10 PM

With sunnier days approaching for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it can be tempting to whip the bike out of storage and take off for a long awaited cruise. We want to help you get out there as soon as possible, while making sure your bike is working safely and efficiently.

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Its easy to determine what length and angle you need for ShockStop and if you need handlebar shims. We break it all down in this post.

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What Makes the ShockStop Different From Other Suspension Stems

One of the most common questions people ask is, "What makes the ShockStop different?" We wanted to provide some insight into some of the factors that we considered during the development of the ShockStop.

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Carbon Dual-Position Seatpost Production Update

Thursday, July 23, 2015 10:23 AM

We know a lot of you are eager to get your hands on the upcoming carbon fiber version of the dual-position seatpost.  In our last update email, we expected to have the posts ready in mid-July, but obviously, that date has come and gone, so we wanted to update you about the current production status of the posts.

When we got the final production samples late last month, they looked fantastic, but we made an unfortunate discovery - the post diameters were very slightly oversized, which meant it was tight inserting the posts into standard 27.2mm bike frames.  The culprit, it appears, is an overly-thick application of clear-coat following the graphics decal, so the factory is re-coating additional sample posts to bring them into spec.

So what does this mean for the schedule?  We'll be receiving the new samples this week, and then we have to put them through some final testing to make sure that everything is working properly.  Barring any other issues, we would then release the factory to start producing the posts.  Our expectation is that we will have the first production units in-hand and ready for sale around the end of August (see update).

Sorry about the delay!  We had really hoped to have the posts available much earlier in the riding season, but for us, making sure the product is perfect will always trump a target launch date.  Thanks again for your support and patience - we can't wait to get these beautiful carbon posts into your hands!

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Redshift June Newsletter

Thursday, June 18, 2015 10:30 AM

Summer is just around the corner! Gear up for your best season ever with 20% off your entire purchase at from June 18th through June 25th!

Getting the right gear now gives you time to train and adapt so you're 100% ready on race day. Take advantage of our Summer Kickoff savings to get the gear you need to set a new personal record this season!

Summer Sale 20% Off Coupon: SUMMER2015


We're looking for a few enthusiastic people to help us grow Redshift Sports. Redshift Brand Ambassadors are people who are passionate about our products and want to help us spread the word to friends, tri-club members, and fellow race participants. Our Ambassadors receive discounts on Redshift gear, as well as financial compensation in the form of a sales commission.

Interested in joining our team? Send us an email at, and let us know why you're the perfect Redshift Sports Brand Ambassador!


You asked for it, so here it is! We created a limited number of Dual-Position Seatposts featuring red-anodized linkages. Check them out here. Quantities are limited, so act quickly! Testing has shown that having red-anodized stuff on your bike saves 0.05 seconds over 40k!


We've gotten a lot of inquiries about timing for the carbon version of the Dual-Position Seatpost. We're hoping to have them available for purchase in approximately one month (around mid-July). Stay tuned - we'll send out an update when they're available!


Want to try before you buy? Check out our
Find a Dealer page to see if there's a local bike shop near you that carries Redshift Sports gear. If your LBS doesn't carry our gear, have them contact us to become a dealer.


We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Install the components on your own bike and test them out for a full month of riding! If you're not totally happy*, you can return them for a full refund, and we'll even cover return shipping within the continental US! There's no reason not to try!

*with the products - unfortunately, we can't guarantee happiness with your job, husband/wife, life, etc.

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